November 23, 2016


Diamond Press Collection: Cement Grey


When an answer is neither black nor white, it’s grey. Grey matter was the inspiration for the Cement Grey line of our Diamond Press Collection. The line makes a subtle statement—it’s not over-complicated nor too simple, it’s just right.

With the holidays fast approaching, we’ve decided to share some Christmas cheer by discounting the full Diamond Press Collection. We want to make sure you go home for the holidays in style—after all, it is the season of giving!

The Diamond Press Collection gets its name from the unique lightweight diamond press fabric it is shielded with. 420D ripstop fabric adhered to a mesh base and reinforced bottom panels in 1682D polyester prevent the wear you may be used to experiencing with past bags.

Forget about scheduling a massage after your next trip—the soft padded backpack straps on the cement grey Shrine Co. Weekender and Daypack will allow your pack to rest easy on your shoulders.

Inside the Diamond Press Collection packs, you’ll find all the Shrine Co. features you know and love like shoe compartments to keep your sneaks fresh and watch sleeves, so no matter where you are you can arrive fashionably late.

Don’t forget to snag your cement grey Shrine Co. pack before they’re gone!

November 18, 2016


Introducing the Padded Camera Insert

Don’t fight your inner photographer that tells you, “ Yes, take a picture of your perfectly packed luggage,” or, “ No one will know you ate a kale salad for lunch unless you take a picture of it.” We are fortunate to live in an age where you can snap a photo in an instant, and an instant later, it can be shared with anyone.

Image via The Shrine Co. Instagram

Putting your personal photo gallery on display through platforms like Instagram represents the digital age of networking. The first impression someone has of you will likely come from the photos you post and the text that accompanies them.

Although photos snapped from your iPhone 7 can leave quite the impression, cameras engineered for photography’s purposes leave a more professional impact and here at The Shrine Co., we value the quality and practicality of our products.

In our latest release, we hope to show something for everyone’s inner photographer: a padded camera insert.

The insert will fit snugly into any of the Shrine Co. Pack’s shoe compartments, however, it was designed with velcro attachments that are compatible with the Shrine Co. Daypack specifically.

Your camera will be just as safe as your sneakers in the protective Shrine Co. shoe compartment.

November 07, 2016


Keeping Your White Sneakers White

Image via Upscale Hype


Nothing makes a statement quite like a bright white sneaker. They are timeless, true classics and will add style to any outfit... that is until they start to age. Yellowed soles, grey scuffs, and dirty laces just begin to name the crimes of a white sneaker wearer. You may be wondering how those atrocities could be avoided; after all, it is a white sneaker! Stop your panicking and allow us to share some tips and tricks that will keep your white kicks white.

Whether they’re leather, suede, or canvas, you must treat your sneaks with a protectant before wearing them. This will help your sneaks repel dirt and other unwelcome guests. Applying the protectant about every two weeks will refuse dirt a home on your sneaks.

When the filth does strike, as it most likely will (you’re the one who bought white sneakers!), simply hand wash your sneakers with mild soap and warm water—no bleach necessary. If washed soon after the filth happened, you should have no problem removing the stains. Do not place your shoes in the washer to be cleaned as this can cause wear and the rubber sole to yellow. Another thing that can cause the sole to yellow is placing your sneaks in the sun! When it comes time to dry them after a hand wash, place paper towels inside the shoe. They’ll absorb the moisture so your shoes won’t.

When your laces begin to lose their white luster, simply rinse them with mild soap and warm water then lay them flat to dry. We know you may be tempted to throw them in the wash with your clothes, but we can promise that that is not a good idea! You’ll get all sorts of fraying, beading and color distortion.

Last but not least, the best thing you can do to protect your sneakers is to store them in a dry area. Fortunately, in The Shrine Co. bags you have just that, even when you’re traveling!

October 27, 2016


The Color Orange

This year’s New York Fashion Week has left us feeling inspired; creativity has been flowing in the Shrine Co. studio as we juggle some of our favorite trends that hit the runway last month. One trend in particular stood out to us amongst the rest—the color orange. The citrus tone not only made a big appearance on the New York runway, it is making its way through sneaker designs too. We are excited to show you some of the designs we’ve created that incorporate the color orange, but in the meantime, enjoy designs from NYFW and sneakers that highlight the trend the world’s been gushing over.


Band of Outsiders Spring 2017

Photo via Fashionista

Two different Jordans released in the “Shattered Backboard” colorway.

Air Jordan XXXI

Photo via Nike

Air Jordan 1 High OG

Photo via Nike

DKNY Spring 2017

Photo via Vogue

Photo via

Photo via

Milly Spring 2017

Photo via

Tim Coppens Spring 2017

Photo via

Photo via

Stay tuned for our take on the color orange!

October 18, 2016


The Shrine Co. X DIEM Collaboration

We’ve cooked up something extra special as we collaborated with streetwear brand, DIEM. “Does It Even Matter?” is the slogan for the brand that has brought color and style in every lookbook. We couldn’t resist a collab that would bring a DIEM flair to our Sneaker Daypack. In the latest design for our daypack, the DIEM philosophy is made tangible:

We live in a very complex day in age. Things aren’t as simple as they once were. We live in a time where more is more, bigger is better, everything must be done; seen and digested very quickly. When you first hear the word “DIEM” you immediately think “Carpe Diem”. As you should its been embedded in our minds for so long. Referenced in movies, literature, television and songs. But our philosophy goes a bit deeper. Yes you should seize the day. But why? Do it because you want to enjoy every moment of life and all it has to offer. Go slower.. Take your time; to eat, to love, to laugh, to play, to learn, to grow.

As we get older the things that mattered to us as children and teens don’t matter that much anymore. We have new things to deal with. Some big, some small, some serious, some not. Some you can change and some you can’t. Worry not about the things you can’t change nor control. Pay attention to the things, people and moments that do. If you ever find yourself stressing over things  you can’t change, ask yourself. Does It Even Matter?

As you soak in the present, enjoying its imperfections and pleasantries, you should “seize the day”; change your shoes for a quick pick-up game after work, see a coffee shop you’ve never been to before, and seizing the opportunity to study in a new environment.

“Seizing the day” is made possible by the design of the pack. With a protective laptop sleeve, shoe compartment, and an incredible amount of additional space in the pack, you will be prepared for anything while keeping a sleek look. We’d say the daypack is ideal for both the casual business man and the student.

The materials and colorway differentiate this collaboration pack from the other daypacks. The exterior is made from a black 1050 Denier Nylon exterior body fabric and is finished with icy blue zippers that really pop.

October 13, 2016


The 2016 Nike Mag

A blast from the past, the famed self-lacing Nike sneaks from the 1985 film Back to the Future have come to life and will be sold to 89 lucky people. The sneakers feature Nike “Adaptive Fit” technology and will be released in partnership with the Michael J. Fox Foundation, an organization that funds Parkinson’s research in the effort of finding a cure.  Not only is the shoe’s release appropriate in the month of October, because we are sure many of you are hoping to dress up like Marty McFly, but this was also the month that Marty was sent… back to the future.

Although this is not the first release of this shoe, in 2016, you can find the sneaker to be endorsed with Adaptive Fit technology, which allows the shoe to adjust to your foot with the touch of a button. The technology was originally designed for the Nike HyperAdapt 1.0 released in the Spring of 2016. Nike Senior Innovator Tiffany Beers talks about the practicality of the shoe for athletes in an interview with TechCrunch. “Athletes can adjust these on-the-fly,” she said. “So time out in basketball, they can let blood flow go back to the feet. Running performance, you know, if the shoe gets wet or if your foot’s swelling in a marathon, you can just change it.”

Images via Nike

October 06, 2016


How to Avoid Over Packing

Before you jet-off to Moscow, you must face the dreaded chore of packing. The question of which Jordans you’ll pack is just the beginning of your problems. Keeping weight and which pieces will mix and match best in mind can give you some unwanted stress before a vacation. We want to help you avoid the stress of packing by sharing some of our tips that will keep you traveling light and comfortable.


While choosing a luggage size for your trip, consider the length of your trip. If it is a couple days long, we recommend that you only pack a carry-on. The Weekender backpack is the perfect carry-on size—and with a sleeve for your electronics, it is practical for working while you travel. If you’re planning on staying for a week or so, we definitely recommend upgrading a size to the Shrine Co. Duffel.


Begin packing your clothes by laying everything out that you’d like to take to your destination. With everything laid out, begin selecting outfits—the more you can use a single item, the more we recommend you take that item on your next trip. Try to limit the clothes you pack as much as possible, so you can have room for things you’ve bought on your trip. We recommend you wear bulky items like jackets, boots, and sweaters on the plane so you can have plenty of room in your pack.


With both packs mentioned above, you’ll be able to store two pairs of sneaks. We recommend you bring one that’s practical for a lot of walking while the other serves for style.


Here at The Shrine Co., we value accessories enough to create compartments for your favorites while you travel. In the Weekender and Duffel, you’ll find specific compartments for watches. And in the Weekender backpack, you’ll even find a hat sling for up to four of your favorite caps.


Don’t forget to weigh your bags before you jet-off! Most airlines will allow you to carry on packs that weigh 22lbs or less.

September 30, 2016


A City You Should Visit: Moscow

In a post about emerging streetwear cities in the world, we mentioned Moscow, Russia. Images like that of St. Basil’s Cathedral and Red Square fill our minds as we picture our vacation to Moscow, but as you peel back expectations of Soviet and traditional art, you will find a city filled with young, innovative artists and designers.

While Moscow has been given a facelift with scattered green spaces, historical parks like Gorky Park, originally designed in the 1920s as a communist utopia, exist today as a beacon of the city’s transition from Soviet to modern Moscow.

Moscow features some of the most awe-inspiring architecture and Christian cathedrals in the world. After the fall of Constantinople, Russian leaders took it upon themselves to create beautiful beacons of orthodox religion in the city. From the Cathedral of the Annunciation that served as the Tsar’s private church to St Basil’s Cathedral in Red Square, these houses of religion are must-sees in the city.

Photo via TooBrother 

Photo via Moscow.Info 

Another bonus of visiting Moscow is that St. Petersburg, Russia’s capital is just a train ride away.

September 21, 2016


NYFW 2016: Streetwear

The time of year that we get anxious to zip on track suits in 90-degree weather has arrived and left us craving styles the upcoming months will bring. But NYFW is not just a time for high fashion, it’s a time for streetwear designers and brands to present ready-to-wear and runway pieces. This year’s shows were driven by politics and oversized design, and although those brought out incredible work in many, we would like to just share some favorites of the week.

Let’s begin by talking about the Band of Outsiders: Los Angeles show. We loved it. Baggy designs that are absolutely nothing like the Band of Outsiders we knew in 2015 did not disappoint. In fact, we like the California-driven style of these designs better for 2016.

Photo via New York Times

The Adidas Originals collaboration with big name designer Alexander Wang, released just last week, turned one of our favorite streetwear brands upside down, literally. The collab featured tracksuits, sneakers, and long-sleeved t-shirts. Other than the position of the trefoil logo, the designs stayed true to the Adidas brand presenting us with ready-to-wear styles in a simple palette. The designs were sold in pop-up shops during NYFW.

Photo via Highsnobiety

“If the Addams Family went to the gym, this is what they would wear,” designer Rihanna said backstage as the Fenty x Puma show models prepared to walk the runway. The collection was neutral, mostly black and white, and utilized athletic sweat materials. It fit well within the streetwear sector seen at NYFW while presenting some unique designs from Rihanna herself.

Photos via Vogue

September 13, 2016


The Shrine Co. Duality Collection

Whether you’re a weekender or daypacker, you are likely to be familiar with our bags that not only carry your sneakers, but care for them. We like to think the phrase, “There’s no place like home” can apply to your kicks too. After all, your ruby reds have never felt happier, or homier, than when in the clean and secure compartments of a Shrine Co. pack. Today, we want to talk duality—the Shrine Co. Duality Collection that is.

The Duality Collection was inspired by hot travel-minded materials found in China and their ability to be durable yet stylish. Elements like the Buddha print lining and hat sling were inspired by Chinese culture, while the 900D polyester navy and white woven print was inspired by a sneaker, the Adidas Veritas Mid “Woven Mesh”. From the moment we first saw the shoe, we knew it would make a cool bag.  We sourced the 900D polyester that mimicked the mesh on the Adidas Veritas and started building the Duality Collection. This tightly woven polyester is not only strong, it’s dual tone, hence the name Duality Collection. This often comes as a surprise as most assume the fabric is a solid grey.

Photo via Highsnobiety

Comfort is just as important as style in the Duality collection. On the Weekender pack, you’ll find a breathable air mesh back panel and shoulder straps for days that the airport is stuffy and hot. And that’s not the only reason we love the weekender—it’s compatible with most carry on airline standards.

Along with carrying some of our favorite bag designs, the Duality Collection introduced a whole new bag, the Shrine Sneaker Overnight Duffel. Upon requests from many women to include a smaller option to the original duffel, we rose to the occasion with this single sneaker compartment bag.

Now you know what makes the Duality Collection so unique, it’s time to get one of these stylish bags for yourself. Here are links to:

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