VAYL EarPod sleeve


The Shrine VAYL EarPod sleeve is a protective cover for your headphones. Not only does it keep your EarPod's clean and white, it also prevents tangling and knots from occurring when wrapping up your headphones and putting them away. This stretchy, soft sleeve takes less than 2 minutes to install and we keep you looking stylish when taking a call or listening to your favorite tunes. The fabric is lightweight and won't muffle the microphone when speaking into your EarPods. 


• Prevents tangles and knots of your Apple EarPod headphones when placed in your pocket
• Keeps your white Apple EarPods clean and free of scuffs/dirt
• Woven label marks volume button/mic panel
• Provides unique decorative 


• Made from high quality stretch polyester


• Fits one pair of Apple EarPod headphones


• 44"L x .5"W


• 11 grams


• Palms (Grey background with white, peach, teal leaves)

• Triangular Camo

• Ikat (Tie Dye)


*Apple EarPod headphones not included with your purchase

*Purchase includes 1 VAYL EarPod sleeve


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