Shrine Sneaker Weekender - X-Pac® Teal Collection


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  • Happy Air Max Day 2023!!!

    Check out our hottestWeekender Backpacknow in X-Pac® VX21 Teal laminate fabric.This style is 33% lighter than other models and waterproof. It gives you a smart designed, carry-on bag so you can also avoid check-in fees. This unique backpack provides a front section just for your sneakers (fits up to size 18) to keep them separate and protected. The rear section is designed for a weekend's worth of clothes and has various pockets for watches, gadgets, and accessories. 

    The Shrine is the only brand to offer the one-of-a-kind pull out hat sling. This allows you to fit up to 5 snap backs and helps keep their bills flat and prevents them from getting bent.

    *Shoes and apparel in photographs not included with purchase

    *Leather ID luggage tag sold separately