VAYL EarPod sleeve

Triangular Camo Print
Ikat (Tie Dye) Print
Palms Print


The Shrine VAYL EarPod sleeve is a protective cover for your headphones. They keep your EarPod's clean and white, it also prevents tangling when placed in your pocket. This stretchy, soft sleeve takes less than 2 minutes to install and we keep you looking stylish when taking a call or listening to your favorite tunes. The fabric is lightweight and won't muffle the microphone when speaking into your EarPods.  

•  Materials: High quality stretch polyester

•  Compatibility: Fits one pair of Apple EarPod headphones

•  Dimensions: 44"L x .5"W

•  Prints: Palms, Triangular Camo, and Ikat (Tie Dye) 

*Apple EarPod headphones not included with your purchase, includes 1 VAYL EarPod sleeve