Shrine Watch Rack

Shrine Watch Rack is a clever storage solution for displaying your valuable watch collection. It shows off your watches, keeps them together, and safely places them on your wall. Made up of two separate pieces, the plates slide together and are held in place when mounted. Soft rubber trim outlines the display arm protecting your watch bands.


Shrine Watch Rack is made of stainless steel and also has a brushed finish. The arm trim is made of neoprene rubber tubing to provide grip and protect the watch band. Each rack is designed to hold four watches, however you can squeeze up to six smaller size watches.

Installation: Mount the watch rack level and screw the bottom in first, making sure the tab is flat against the wall. Shift the top plate into place making sure the top tab is flat against the wall. Tighten the screws against the wall.

Band protection: Slide your watches along the arms fitting 2-3 watches on each (depending on their size). Gently slide watches off when needed.

Hardware included: two wall screws and two dry wall anchors

*All watches are different and we have designed this rack to support the majority of watch designs.