How to Avoid Over Packing

Before you jet-off to Moscow, you must face the dreaded chore of packing. The question of which Jordans you’ll pack is just the beginning of your problems. Keeping weight and which pieces will mix and match best in mind can give you some unwanted stress before a vacation. We want to help you avoid the stress of packing by sharing some of our tips that will keep you traveling light and comfortable.


While choosing a luggage size for your trip, consider the length of your trip. If it is a couple days long, we recommend that you only pack a carry-on. The Weekender backpack is the perfect carry-on size—and with a sleeve for your electronics, it is practical for working while you travel. If you’re planning on staying for a week or so, we definitely recommend upgrading a size to the Shrine Co. Duffel.


Begin packing your clothes by laying everything out that you’d like to take to your destination. With everything laid out, begin selecting outfits—the more you can use a single item, the more we recommend you take that item on your next trip. Try to limit the clothes you pack as much as possible, so you can have room for things you’ve bought on your trip. We recommend you wear bulky items like jackets, boots, and sweaters on the plane so you can have plenty of room in your pack.


With both packs mentioned above, you’ll be able to store two pairs of sneaks. We recommend you bring one that’s practical for a lot of walking while the other serves for style.


Here at The Shrine Co., we value accessories enough to create compartments for your favorites while you travel. In the Weekender and Duffel, you’ll find specific compartments for watches. And in the Weekender backpack, you’ll even find a hat sling for up to four of your favorite caps.


Don’t forget to weigh your bags before you jet-off! Most airlines will allow you to carry on packs that weigh 22lbs or less.

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