February 21, 2017 1 min read

New York Fashion Week inspires everything we put on our body. What we saw hitting the runway in the fall has hit the racks and streets today.
This month, another New York Fashion Week has come and gone; setting a precedent for fashion come fall 2017.
To say the least, we feel inspired.
As always, we honed in on the streetwear that hit the runway.

Today, we want to share our favorite collections from NYFW.


Image via Fashionista

Designer Christopher Bevans debuted at his first NYFW this month. Bevans has worked with Nike and Kanye West on a couple of projects and it shows. Although this was his first show, nothing said rookie about the DYNE Fall 2017 collection. The collection was built on a platform of wearable technology as Bevans utilized his fellowship with MIT. But don’t be mistaken, on the runway, we saw fashion that just so happened to be technologically intelligent.

Willy Chavarria 

Image via WWD

Like Christopher Bevans, this was Chavarria’s first fashion week and he knew how to make a great impression. Incorporating Chicano elements of style with streetwear and high-fashion trends, the result was decadent; unlike anything else that hit the runway this month. This may have been his first NYFW, but it definitely won’t be his last.


Image via WWD

Designer Chris Stamp impressed with color from the streets in his “Asphalt Wave” collection. He said he was literally inspired by colors from the streets; which became very evident as each piece descended down the runway. Familiar streetwear shapes were revamped with color--a popular trend for 2017 fall.

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