August 26, 2016 2 min read

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No matter what city you call home, poke is sure to come to a city near you. After all, it is one of the greatest food trends of 2016. A Hawaiian treat, made with raw ahi tuna tossed with sesame seeds, seaweed, kimchi, and other island flavors, it follows the raw fish trend that sushi has led for years. Since you are likely to see it popping up across the nation, we’ll name some of the poke stops you’ll want to eat at.

Kona, Hawaii (where it all began): Da Poke Shack
Photo viaDa Poke Shack

Da Poke Shack isn’t glamorous or modern, it is simply delicious. Located in Kona, Hawaii outside the city, Da Poke Shack is low key while serving up some of the finest and freshest of our favorite food trend in the US right now. And when we say fresh, we mean the yellowfin ahi barely made it off the boat before making it onto your plate.

New York City: Noreetuh
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New York is on top of yet another food trend offering a variety of styles of poke, but the one stands out amongst the rest. Noreetuh, a modern Hawaiian restaurant in East Village, serves up Hawaiian-style poke that both natives and non-natives would offer their stamp of approval. Unlike Da Poke Stop, Noreetuh offers a fine dining environment.

Portland: Vitaly Paley’s Imperial

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Serving up his own take on Poke is Vitaly Paley at the Imperial restaurant in Portland. Adorned with hazelnuts, seaweed, serrano chiles and cilantro, it is untraditional but no less delicious than the Hawaiian original. 

Santa Monica: Sweetfin Poke
Photo viaSweetfin Poke

Sweetfin Poke makes some of the freshest bowls on the mainland with its “Pole to Bowl” philosophy. Its freshness is not the only thing that sets this restaurant apart from other Poke locales, its customizable menu allows for people of all diets to enjoy delicious fresh food just blocks away from the Santa Monica Pier.

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