Shrine Sneaker Duffle Bag - Black Leather


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Buyer for Life. Look no further my big footed friends.
"So I finally got to take my leather duffle on a trip this past weekend and can leave a proper review. Very happy with my purchase.The first positive I'd like to point out as the shrine bag leather is thick, buttery and very well made. Second thing is, my size 15 sneakers EASILY fit in the shrine duffle, with room to spare. I like the way they put the gussets in the end sneaker parts to accommodate larger sizes. Also, the bag fit easily in all the different carryon bins I placed it in over the long weekend. Made a believer out of me, will be in for a weekender bag next. "

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ - Michael M. Verified Buyer  Dec 2022

  • Travel light with our carry-on sized sneaker duffle bag. This shoulder bag makes maneuvering through airports a breeze. Secure your UP TO SIZE 18 sneakers in one of the two side dedicated shoe compartments. Your clothes fit neatly in center, separated from your shoes with up to 25L of capacity (2-3 days +). The rear zipper pocket fits 11” MacBook airs or smaller and tablets. Don’t trust your valuable sneakers to airlines when you check-in, ALWAYS CARRY ON! This is a must-have bag for any sneakerhead! 

    Our leather version of the sneaker duffle bag includes a leather luggage tag, dual locks for each sneaker compartment and dust cover for protection. 




Our sneaker duffel bags are designed specifically for your gear and to keep you on the move. Forget check-ins and luggage carousels, move quickly through security and get where you need to go. Save money from baggage fees and never check-in your bags again.