NBALAB X The Shrine Co Weekender Backpack - LA Lakers

  • Just in time for the 2020 NBA Finals, our new NBALAB x The Shrine Co Los Angeles Lakers Weekender Backpack is a must have!!!

    Our best-selling Weekender Backpack is a carry-on travel bag perfect for a 2-3 day trip. If you love your shoes, our dedicated sneaker compartments will protect and separate your sneakers to prevent them from being crushed or scuffed. The same goes for the top hat sling and various tech pockets. Never pay check-in fees and travel with the convenience of a backpack. This is a must-have bag for any sneakerhead. 


Our weekender backpacks are designed specifically for your gear and to keep you on the move. Forget check-ins and luggage carousels, move quickly through security and get where you need to go. Save money from baggage fees and never check-in your bags again.


Need to carry on more when you travel? Be sure to pick up our matching Triple Black duffle bag.