October 22, 2014 2 min read

As a young brand we are always looking to find new ways to make your travel experience better through the design of our luggage, to do that we look to find inspiration from brands that are forward and innovative in the realm of luggage and travel. In our process we scour the internet, luggage stores and we pay really close attention to people in airports in our own travels (we travel a lot). As we approach the launch of our Holiday 2014 Collection, we wanted to highlight some gadgets and products that align with our mantra of "Travel Made Easy". All of the products featured are under $100 and will fit seamlessly into our Weekender Sneaker Back Pack and Weekender Sneaker Duffel. 



The 4 USB Rollup Charger from Restoration Hardware $49

 I don't know about you, but when I find an accessory or gadget that is functional and sexy I jump at the chance to grab it.


The Grid It Accessories Organizer $69.99

We featured this on our Instagram page a while ago but since then they have created a few new colors and when we saw the black version we had to feature it again. If you are a photographer/videographer, DJ or you just travel with a bunch of miscelaneous BS (in the name of "just in case" like me), this is a great accessory to tie down all of your hard drives, cables and chargers. Adding this to your travel mix will create extra space in your Shrine Weekender Bag. 


The Cord Taco $25

If you're like our Creative Director @studioFAR then you get hella amped for little innovations that no one has thought of before and you also get amped for authentic Mexican tacos. This accessory may seem expensive given it's intended use, but if you're really anal and can't stand the sight of loose wires in your bag then this is for you (and @studioFAR). 


Foldable Cell Phone Charging Platform From Restoration Hardware $10

This cell phone charging platform is one of those "why didn't I think of that" kinda products, especially if your job finds you traveling a lot and staying at hotels that are less than 4 star (this guy!). My last work trip was to Miami for the Hangsuite Trade Show where we stayed at the Catalina Hotel, I love this hotel but its electrical is dated and there were no outlets to charge my phone within 10 feet of my bed and this would've been perfect. 


Bright Colorful Luggage Tags, $18 Dormify

If you own a Weekender Sneaker Back Pack or you are waiting for your Weekender Sneaker Duffel to arrive via our preorder, stop reading now because you have no need for luggage tags. All of our bags are carry on as per TSA compliance rules and you will never be a time when your bags are not close to you, for everyone else though these luggage tags will brighten up and help you identify your boring ass luggage. 



Images via: Buzzfeed

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