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Our Weekender Sneaker Duffel is perfect for the 3-5 day trip

The details matter

The Shrine Toiletry Bag is our first offering in travel accessories, it will be available exclusively on our online shop for $45

Holiday 2014 features a newer version of our iconic Weekender Sneaker Back Pack with all black trims

Travel Made Easy

If paired together, the Weekender Sneaker Back Pack & Weekender Sneaker Duffel will allow you to travel with five pairs of sneakers, seven to ten days worth of clothes, four hats, three watches, a 15" laptop, a tablet and all of your cables and chargers. Both pieces of luggage are carry on regulation size. 

The Future of Travel, From San Francisco to you.

For the modern day traveler

 Stylish, comfortable and designed for your lifestyle

 Finally a brand of luggage made for you

The Black Hat Sling is a nice touch

Our Smartphone Case is universal, elastic side panels allow for expansion to fit all size phones (we never had the chance to test with an IPhone 6+) There are openings to allow for headphone plugs and the case fits perfectly on either shoulder straps on our Weekender Sneaker Back Pack. 

 The future of travel 

 All of your hats kept fresh

All of our bags are carry on, save those checked in bags fees and buy more kicks

Stylishly comfortable

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Rae-Shaun Banks
Rae-Shaun Banks

March 02, 2015

I have a question would Shrine Co. make a case for the 6+ In the future to come?

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