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On Black Friday we will release our 2015 Holiday Collection online and in stores, we are very excited about this collection for a few reasons, the fabrics we used for these bags are on another level from our previous offerings and we are introducing a new bag. For this release the inspiration came from a very familiar place, travel. While on a trip to China to check on the production progress of our recently released Summer 2015 Collection we took some time to visit luggage shops in mainland China, Hong Kong and Japan. What we saw in those shops were amazing in terms of new fabrics being used and we set out to create a collection that pushed the boundaries in what you see from traditional luggage companies.
In this post we will focus on the "Duality Collection", we will breakdown the the fabric used and the specific inspiration that lead to this beautiful collection. At a glance the bags look like they are solid grey, but if you get close enough you will see that it really is a tight gauge of a navy blue and white weave, hence the reason we dubbed it the "Duality Collection". Each navy blue & white strand of 900D Polyester is woven so tight that the two colors play off of each other to create the "grey" look. The inspiration that lead us to this fabric was actually a sneaker, the Adidas Veritas Mid "Woven Mesh" (Highsnobiety).  Once we saw that shoe we instantly thought it would make a really cool looking bag, we sourced the 900D Poly that mimicked the mesh on the Veritas Mid and we were able to replicate the pattern. 
In addition to the new fabric and color combinations we are releasing for the Holiday 2015 Collection, we are also debuting a new silhouette called the "Overnight Duffel" (see the last 2 photos below). For a while now, we have had women ask us to develop a duffel that is smaller than our original version. We're not a "women's" brand per se, but we do see that women love our bags and we wanted to address that area as well. The Overnight Duffel is a scaled down version of our current duffel and only has one shoe box that can fit a men's pair of shoes up to a size 20 (women have smaller feet than men and can fit multiple pairs in the shoe box). This bag is perfect for overnight trips and if paired with a Day Pack will allow you to travel light for the weekend, we also feel that it is the perfect gym bag for day to day use. We hope you will be as excited for this collection of bags as we are, please feel free to comment or ask questions in the comment section.
We need to thank our Paris based crew for setting up this phenomenal editorial shoot which was shot by@t0sma and featured Parisian model and tastemaker@vasta_oneandonly
We need to thank our Paris based crew for setting up this phenomenal editorial shoot which was shot by @t0sma and featured Parisian model and tastemaker @vasta_oneandonly

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December 18, 2015

Was wondering if you all will make more of the toiletry bag as well as have the day backpacks for women so they won’t be so bulky ?

Christian Robles
Christian Robles

October 30, 2015

Just wondering if you guys are planning on making a roller anytime soon?

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