September 30, 2016 1 min read

In apost about emerging streetwear cities in the world, we mentioned Moscow, Russia. Images like that of St. Basil’s Cathedral and Red Square fill our minds as we picture our vacation to Moscow, but as you peel back expectations of Soviet and traditional art, you will find a city filled with young, innovative artists and designers.

While Moscow has been given a facelift with scattered green spaces, historical parks like Gorky Park, originally designed in the 1920s as a communist utopia, exist today as a beacon of the city’s transition from Soviet to modern Moscow.

Moscow features some of the most awe-inspiring architecture and Christian cathedrals in the world. After the fall of Constantinople, Russian leaders took it upon themselves to create beautiful beacons of orthodox religion in the city. From the Cathedral of the Annunciation that served as the Tsar’s private church to St Basil’s Cathedral in Red Square, these houses of religion are must-sees in the city.

Photo via TooBrother 

Photo via Moscow.Info 

Another bonus of visiting Moscow is that St. Petersburg, Russia’s capital is just a train ride away.

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