September 21, 2016 1 min read

The time of year that we get anxious to zip on track suits in 90-degree weather has arrived and left us craving styles the upcoming months will bring. But NYFW is not just a time for high fashion, it’s a time for streetwear designers and brands to present ready-to-wear and runway pieces. This year’s shows were driven by politics and oversized design, and although those brought out incredible work in many, we would like to just share some favorites of the week.

Let’s begin by talking about the Band of Outsiders: Los Angeles show. We loved it. Baggy designs that are absolutely nothing like the Band of Outsiders we knew in 2015 did not disappoint. In fact, we like the California-driven style of these designs better for 2016.

Photo via New York Times

The Adidas Originals collaboration with big name designer Alexander Wang, released just last week, turned one of our favorite streetwear brands upside down, literally. The collab featured tracksuits, sneakers, and long-sleeved t-shirts. Other than the position of the trefoil logo, the designs stayed true to the Adidas brand presenting us with ready-to-wear styles in a simple palette. The designs were sold in pop-up shops during NYFW.

Photo viaHighsnobiety

“If the Addams Family went to the gym, this is what they would wear,” designer Rihanna said backstage as the Fenty x Puma show models prepared to walk the runway. The collection was neutral, mostly black and white, and utilized athletic sweat materials. It fit well within the streetwear sector seen at NYFW while presenting some unique designs from Rihanna herself.

Photos via Vogue

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