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Whether you’re a weekender or daypacker, you are likely to be familiar with our bags that not only carry your sneakers, but care for them. We like to think the phrase, “There’s no place like home” can apply to your kicks too. After all, your ruby reds have never felt happier, or homier, than when in the clean and secure compartments of a Shrine Co. pack. Today, we want to talk duality—the Shrine Co. Duality Collection that is.

The Duality Collection was inspired by hot travel-minded materials found in China and their ability to be durable yet stylish. Elements like the Buddha print lining and hat sling were inspired by Chinese culture, while the 900D polyester navy and white woven print was inspired by a sneaker, theAdidas Veritas Mid “Woven Mesh”. From the moment we first saw the shoe, we knew it would make a cool bag.  We sourced the 900D polyester that mimicked the mesh on the Adidas Veritas and started building the Duality Collection. This tightly woven polyester is not only strong, it’s dual tone, hence the name Duality Collection. This often comes as a surprise as most assume the fabric is a solid grey.

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Comfort is just as important as style in the Duality collection. On the Weekender pack, you’ll find a breathable air mesh back panel and shoulder straps for days that the airport is stuffy and hot. And that’s not the only reason we love the weekender—it’s compatible with most carry on airline standards.

Along with carrying some of our favorite bag designs, the Duality Collection introduced a whole new bag, the Shrine Sneaker Overnight Duffel. Upon requests from many women to include a smaller option to the original duffel, we rose to the occasion with this single sneaker compartment bag.

Now you know what makes the Duality Collection so unique, it’s time to get one of these stylish bags for yourself. Here are links to:

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April 08, 2018

Hey guys, I have the original backpack and duffle bag from pre-order/crowdfunding days and for my quick trip the duffle is a bit much,wanted to know if there were plans to release another overnight bag?

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