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In our latest and very anticipated collaboration, we’ve teamed up with Freeman Plat to design theLeather Sneaker Duffel Bag.

Freeman Plat is a brand that stands for something we can get on—“a collision of traditional business silhouettes and premium streetwear.”

We couldn’t dream of a better brand to collaborate with for our first leather pack. Shoes and apparel that exude confidence and design, while maintaining an ease about them, Freeman Plat designs for a stylish man that doesn’t mind some edge—the same man that would want a stylish bag that multitasks as a safe space for his dress shoes and sneaks.

When the two come together: pure euphoria.

You may wonder what the gold brand motto ‘FTMITM’ stamped into the leather stands for;

“F*** The Man. I’m The Man.”

Jeremy Sallee, designer of Freeman Plat explains the motto in this way: it’s not the goal to be conceited or place yourself above others, but to have healthy confidence that allows you to excel in your own right.

Jeremy’s own story of starting the brand Freeman Plat follows this model. He worked hard designing and cultivating a point of view before he felt ready to give his innovative designs a brand.

The Freeman Plat brand is about much more than design. Using innovative and quality materials from Europe are equally important to the brand. All products come together in Portugal where Italian leather is easily accessible.

With a collaboration as exclusive as this (after all only 25 units are being sold) we want one very special person to get their hands on the leather sneaker duffel. We are currently running a giveaway! You can find instructions on how to enter for your chance to win a pair of Freeman Plat Black Quarter Joggers and the Shrine Co. Leather Sneaker Duffelhere!

And for those who just can’t wait to get their hands on our latest release, you can buy the duffel here.

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Edralin santiago
Edralin santiago

December 15, 2016

Very nice ideas very useful i love it…

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