November 07, 2016 2 min read

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Nothing makes a statement quite like a bright white sneaker. They are timeless, true classics and will add style to any outfit... that is until they start to age. Yellowed soles, grey scuffs, and dirty laces just begin to name the crimes of a white sneaker wearer. You may be wondering how those atrocities could be avoided; after all, it is a white sneaker! Stop your panicking and allow us to share some tips and tricks that will keep your white kicks white.

Whether they’re leather, suede, or canvas, you must treat your sneaks with a protectant before wearing them. This will help your sneaks repel dirt and other unwelcome guests. Applying the protectant about every two weeks will refuse dirt a home on your sneaks.

When the filth does strike, as it most likely will (you’re the one who bought white sneakers!), simply hand wash your sneakers with mild soap and warm water—no bleach necessary. If washed soon after the filth happened, you should have no problem removing the stains. Do not place your shoes in the washer to be cleaned as this can cause wear and the rubber sole to yellow. Another thing that can cause the sole to yellow is placing your sneaks in the sun! When it comes time to dry them after a hand wash, place paper towels inside the shoe. They’ll absorb the moisture so your shoes won’t.

When your laces begin to lose their white luster, simply rinse them with mild soap and warm water then lay them flat to dry. We know you may be tempted to throw them in the wash with your clothes, but we can promise that that is not a good idea! You’ll get all sorts of fraying, beading and color distortion.

Last but not least, the best thing you can do to protect your sneakers is to store them in a dry area. Fortunately, inThe Shrine Co. bags you have just that, even when you’re traveling!

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