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Don’t fight your inner photographer that tells you, “ Yes, take a picture of yourperfectly packed luggage,” or, “ No one will know you ate a kale salad for lunch unless you take a picture of it.” We are fortunate to live in an age where you can snap a photo in an instant, and an instant later, it can be shared with anyone.

Image via The Shrine Co. Instagram

Putting your personal photo gallery on display through platforms like Instagram represents the digital age of networking. The first impression someone has of you will likely come from the photos you post and the text that accompanies them.

Although photos snapped from your iPhone 7 can leave quite the impression, cameras engineered for photography’s purposes leave a more professional impact and here at The Shrine Co., we value the quality and practicality of our products.

In our latest release, we hope to show something for everyone’s inner photographer: a padded camera insert.

The insert will fit snugly into any of the Shrine Co. Pack’s shoe compartments, however, it was designed with velcro attachments that are compatible with the Shrine Co. Daypack specifically.

Your camera will be just as safe as your sneakers in the protective Shrine Co. shoe compartment.

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