August 08, 2016 2 min read

When asked to name the fashion capitals of the world, you may be drawn to cities like Milan or NYC, and you’re not wrong to be—but you would be wrong to assume there weren’t emerging streetwear capitals that should be ranked with other fashion-oriented cities. Here are three cities from different corners of the world (literally) that true sneakerheads should take the time to visit.



Oceania’s fashion capital is stitched with European style and Australian wealth. New to the world fashion scene, this city’s look is fresh and driven by streetwear. Sneakerboy, the luxury sneaker one-stop-shop, was grown in Melbourne and has been regarded as one of the most pioneering business models in the world. Brands like Sneakerboy truly tell the story of Melbourne’s booming fashion scene. As much a we recommend a visit to the land down under, we do warn that you’ll want to travel with plenty of cash and aduffelto carry your new cops in as you won’t be able to make it out of the city without a fresh pair of sneaks.



Home to some of the striking buildings in the world, Moscow’s architecture isn’t its only feature on the rise. The youth of Moscow are drawing connections from diverse east and western cultures to create a dynamic, fresh streetwear scene. Possibly less developed than Melbourne’s, Moscow is truly emerging from its communist shadow. And no visit to Russia is complete without a stop atFott.



Canada could very well be the most overlooked country around the globe and so is the city of Vancouver. Although Vancouver is home to big names and brands on the world streetwear scene, it continues to be overshadowed by its neighbors. Fortunately, this has given its sneaker scene time to cultivate into the North American outlier it is today. If you happen to visit Vancouver, we recommend beginning in theGastownarea. Streetwear dominates, so during the day you’ll need the properluggageto take it on.


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