July 11, 2016 1 min read

From sweet bahn mi to steaming bowls of pho, we must admit that Vietnamese cuisine is one of our favorite trends that have taken the food scene by storm. Not quite the greasy Chinese food that takes you to some of your best childhood memories, Vietnamese cuisine is modern, fresh, and incredibly complex in flavor. Over the Golden Gate you’ll find sleek design met with southeast Asian fare for your consuming pleasure.

Featuring Charles Phan as owner and executive chef, each plate is crafted with care and complexity at The Slanted Door. And if you are looking for a midday nibble, look no further than afternoon tea at this seaside restaurant.

As owners would say, “Let’s Mau down!”. Traditional Vietnamese fare in an unorthodox setting is just what you’ll find in this locale.

Chef Trung Nguyen created Co Nam with the intention of sharing his childhood in Vietnam with diners. Experience Vietnamese, Laotian, and Thai with a twist at Co Nam in San Fran.

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