September 03, 2017 2 min read

Many of you ask how many outfits can fit inside our duffle bags. Tough to answer because it really depends which season you are traveling: Summer, Winter, Fall, etc. We did not give our duffle bag a 'timeframe' name like the 'weekender', because we knew you could fit much more than just two days worth of clothes. The main compartment of our duffle bags actually have more capacity than our weekender backpacks. We recently took a 5 day summer trip to Boston (from San Francisco) and documented our packing process. See details below.

Here is the breakdown of what we fit inside our Sneaker Duffle Bag for these 5 days during our summer trip:
Side Shoe Compartments(easier to load first)
3 pairs of sneakers (3 lowtops, 1 pair we wore) fit in 1 compartment
The Shrine Camera Insert fit in the other compartment
Main Compartment
3 outfits (3 pairs of shorts, 2 swim trunks, 3 t-shirts, 2 polo shirts)
5 pairs of underwear
5 pairs of socks
Toiletry Bag
Clear liquids pouch
1 belt
2 pairs of sunglasses (inside their cases)
Various charging cables and 1 watch (under top opening)
Rear Zipper Tablet Pocket
12" Macbook
Front Velcro Pocket
Earbud sleeves w/ our Shrine VAYL sleeve
Our Sneaker Duffel Bags are designed boxy for a reason. This allows you to fit as much as possible into a carry-on sized bag. When fully packed, this bag can be heavy, thus we've added a removable shoulder strap. This diagonally attached shoulder strap makes carry easier for this wider sized duffle bag. Not only will you avoid check-in baggage fees but also it allows you to maneuver through the airport with ease versus a wheeled case or backpack. 
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