January 13, 2017 2 min read

In a time where the aesthetic of your Instagram grid can determine your creative ability and quality of self-promotion, it is critical you keep your grid game on point.

Today, we want to give you some tips and tools that will allow you to step up your grid game.


Be sure to post a variety of photos. Simply changing up the angle of a landscape shot or posting photos of complementary colors next to each other will keep your grid interesting.

Utilize the variety of posts you can make like videos and moving images through theBoomerang app.


Although your iPhone 7 can capture moments in high quality, the best way to guarantee amazing shots is to invest in a nice camera. Recently, we posted ablog about the camera insert you can add to your Shrine Co. pack so that your camera, like your sneaks, can rest easy knowing they’re protected.


Developing a strategy or pattern for your Instagram posting can surely keep your grid interesting. Since the grid is laid out in columns of three, you may want your pattern to alternate in threes to ensure variety.

An example of a posting pattern could be: selfie, city scenery, product, selfie, etc.

To strategically post photos is crucial when you are traveling! Posting photos of a single subject you see while traveling, although interesting to you, can brick your grid if not broken up by photos with different subjects.


Your Instagram grid should embody your point of view and personal style.

If you have a good grasp on your personal style, allow your Instagram account to flaunt it!


This is probably the most difficult part of Instagram: dishing up a worthy caption for your image.

This goes along with your POVget creative and be truly you when you caption an image. Fill your notes section on your phone with caption ideas when something comes to you on the go. Draw from the colors of your image for a caption. Maybe you can just share a story in the caption line. If it’s you, we know it will be great.

We look forward to checking out your grid game someday!

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