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A new year can bring a whole new set of adventures, and it should! Whether you choose to travel outside your comfort zone or fully experience the one you live in, we want you to do that in style with our travel bags.

Obviously, travel is a big part of the Shrine Co. lifestyle, hence the reason we created a product for our customers that combined convenience and style for those on the go.

In 2017, we know many of you have made the resolution to travel and experience more. We want to help you with that endeavor by sharing some of our favorite travel destinations with you in the new Shrine Travel blog series.

First stop—Stockholm, Sweden.


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The city is perfectly humid and experiences high highs in the summers and some seriously bone-chilling lows in the winter. The variety of seasons makes for two very different Stockholms. In the summer, flowers fill each window and line the cobblestone streets of Gamla Stan (Old Town Stockholm). In the winter, a blanket of white snow illuminates the city that experiences 18 hours of nighttime in January.


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Sweden is quite possibly the birthplace of minimalism. There, you’ll find that almost everyone is sporting the same pair of black leather Chelsea boots. Uniqueness is not something the Swedes respond well to, so if you’d like to fit in, we recommend sticking to a neutral color palette and minimalist shapes while there.

Depending on the season you choose to visit the city, your wardrobe will be dramatically different. Plan on either bringing or purchasing a very warm winter coat if you are visiting anytime from November to May. If you need some tips on packing your Shrine Co. bag, refer to our packingguide.

There is no shortage of shopping districts in Stockholm, so be sure to set aside some time to shop on your vacation.


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The first thing that comes to mind when you think of Swedish cuisine is likely to be Swedish meatballs, and let us tell you, there is so much more your taste buds will experience in the city of delicious eats.

Stockholm is a melting pot of cultures, and the food proves it. There is no shortage of cardamom pastries, shawarma food carts and new-age vegan raw eateries in the big city. One of our favorite places to grab a bite was located on the island just south of Gamla Stan.Herman’s is a vegetarian, vegan, and raw friendly buffet that you must try during your visit.

Coffee shops are absolutely everywhere in Sweden because of a Swedish tradition called fika.

What to do

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Stockholm is the capital of Scandinavia and a hub for art and culture. You’ll find amazing museums like the Fotografiska and Vasa to visit during the day. At night, Stockholm reawakens and presents a lively night scene. As we mentioned earlier, you should definitely set aside some time for shopping. The Mall of Scandinavia presents a wide variety of stores and eateries.

Next time you feel an urge to book a flight, keep Stockholm in sight!

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